Effective Article Distribution Strategies

There are many ways to get your articles into circulation, and you would be wise to use them all. These methods include distributing articles to the article directories or repositories, sending your articles to your list of ezine publishers, using a blog to publish your articles, using other people’s blogs to promote your articles, submitting your articles to private members sites, and submitting articles to forums that allow articles.

However, there are a few more ways that you can distribute your articles. Keep in mind that the purpose of the article is to get traffic to your website. With that in mind, most people forget to put their own articles on their own websites. Websites need content, you’ve written content – make sure that content makes it to your site.

Another way to distribute your articles is in the form of an ebook, which is essentially a PDF file, where you have compiled all the articles that you have written on a specific topic. The ebook should be free, and you can list it at various ebook directories around the Internet, and allow others to give your ebook away as well.

Use your articles as part of an email series or email course. Again, the series or course should be free. Simply set up an autoresponder for the series or course and put a sign up box on your website. This will not only help your article distribution, it will also help you build an email list.

Put all of your articles, in text format, in a folder, compress the folder, and upload it to your website. Now, on every single email you send out, include a signature file that lets people know that they can download this file, for free, and use the content as they see fit, as long as the content is not changed, and the authors information remains intact.

Articles can be used in many creative ways, if you think about it. Always be on the outlook for ways to distribute your articles to others, and don’t let any opportunities pass you by.